Seller’s Security Plan 180 day timeline

ERA® Sellers Security® Plan: Our Secure Timely Method For Selling Your Home

ERA® Sellers Security® Plan Timeline
Applications accepted with an absorption rate of 1-9 months

Implement ERA® Gold Star Property as soon as possible to maximize impact.

Day 1
  • List your house with an ERA Broker for 180 days from completed application date, not to exceed any prior list price.
  • Agree to implement ERA Gold Star Property.
  • Complete SSP application.
  • Implement ERA Buyer Protection Plan.
  • Lockbox and yard sign installed.
Week 1
  • Application and all necessary supporting documentation received by SSP Department.
  • SSP Department carefully reviews the application, in detail.
  • SSP Department authorizes the ordering of the appraisal and home inspection at seller’s sole expense. (This does NOT mean the home has been accepted into the SSP program; only a written Real Estate Sale Contract from ERA Franchise Systems LLC indicates acceptance into the SSP program).
Week 3
  • Appraisal and home inspection received by ERA Franchise Systems LLC. Appraisal sent to an approved ERA mortgage company by SSP Department for property to be pre-approved for financing.
Day 30–40
  • Offer made by way of written Real Estate Sale Contract sent by ERA Franchise Systems LLC to Seller, or notification of no offer. You, the Seller may cancel your Listing Agreement with the ERA Broker within 21 days from the date you are notified no offer will be made.
  • If offer accepted –
    • Agree to close on a new home purchased through a broker designated by ERA Franchise Systems LLC by the 180th day.
    • First price adjustment – List price adjusts to no more than 5% above appraisal.
  • If offer declined – You have no further obligations under the terms of SSP.
Day 75
  • Second price adjustment. Price adjustments outlined in Real Estate Sale Contract to gradually adjust towards ERA Franchise Systems LLC offer price.
Day 120
  • Third price adjustment as agreed to in Real Estate Sale Contract.
Day 150
  • Final price adjustment as agreed to in Real Estate Sale Contract.
Up to 180 Days
  • House may sell to private buyer up to this time. The ERA Franchise Systems LLC Real Estate Sales Contract becomes null and void upon sale to private buyer.
Day 180
  • Your house is SOLD if you opt to close with ERA Franchise Systems LLC.
After 180 Days
  • ERA Franchise Systems LLC resells your house.

Conditions and limitations apply: including but not limited to: seller and house must meet specific qualifications, and purchase price will be determined solely by ERA Franchise Systems LLC, based upon a discount of the home’s appraised value. Additionally, a second home must be purchased through a broker designated by ERA Franchise Systems LLC.