The Value of a Pre-Approval

If you’re thinking about buying a home, a pre-approval is a fast and simple way to make your home buying experience easier from start to finish.

Pre-approval means you get an approval for a mortgage loan before you make an offer on a home or even find a home you want (This is in contrast to pre-qualification – a preliminary evaluation of your financial status that does not include a commitment to giving you a loan). That means you’ll have the benefit of knowing how much home you can afford before you begin shopping for a home.


Get an edge over other buyers.

A pre-approval gives you buying power – the ability to make offers, negotiate price and terms, and even sign a contract to buy. It gives you an advantage over other buyers when you make an a house, because a pre-approval letter proves to the seller and real estate agent that you’re financially ready to buy the home.


ERA® Mortgage

ERA® Mortgage will give you a same-day pre-approval loan decision. For more information, call 888.307.8006 or get started now – once pre-approved, they will send you a pre-approval letter immediately.

ERA® Mortgage makes home loans easy in many other ways too – including the strongest service guarantees in the industry:

  • They will give you a same-day loan decision or pay you $250
  • They will meet your requested closing date or we will reduce your interest rate by 1/8 of one percent for the life of the loan*

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*Approved, conventional, purchase loans only. Excludes loans for REO homes. Void when delayed closing is required by law. Closing date to be mutually agreed upon between customer and us, and customer must provide all required documentation. Timely request for adjustment under guarantee is required.